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Slim or SLIM may refer to:




  • Slim (singer) (born 1977 as Marvin Scandrick), American R&B singer and lead vocalist of the group 112
  • Slim Harpo (1924–1970), American blues musician
  • Slim Shady, alter ego of American rapper Eminem
  • Slim Thug, American rapper Stayve Jerome Thomas (born 1980)
  • Slim Whitman, stage name of American country and western music singer, songwriter and musician Ottis Whitman Jr. (1923–2013)
  • Fatboy Slim, stage name of Norman Cook (born 1963), English musician
  • Magic Slim, American blues singer and guitarist Morris Holt (1937–2013)

Fictional characters




Groups, companies, organizations

  • SLIM, Internet provider from KPN
  • Slim School, a defunct school in Malaya, named after Field Marshal Slim
  • Slim Devices, an American consumer electronics company

Music groups, bands


Software, computing

  • Slim, Pixar's RenderMan Studio Shader Tool
  • SLIM (Software Lifecycle Management), tools based on the Putnam model of software effort estimation

Science, engineering, technology


Other uses

  • AIDS, often called "slim", especially in Africa, because of the wasting it produces in untreated victims
  • Slim, a 1934 novel by William Wister Haines
    • Slim (film), a 1937 film adaptation of the novel starring Henry Fonda

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