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Pilsudsys is a hybrid of Pilsudski and Sun Yat Sen. We look eerily like each other, and yet, are not related in any shape or form. They together started a shamrock sticker company that lasted from 1875-1901. The shamrock's sticky stuff behind the sticker was made of fish products which many people were allergic to. This created a large epidemic of people with fish scales on their skin during this period. These people were named the Fish People and remained secluded from the rest of society until the Fish Fairy came along in 1901 and turned them all into little boys and little girls with perfect skin but no legs, so they were damned to remain in one place for the rest of their lives called Fishville.

The leader of this Fish Movement was Dahomey Djibouti, a man with no legs and a large fish face and putrid fish smell: the kind of smell emitted by certain low quality cleaning products, made from fish guts.

From 1910 to present, these fish people are yet to be seen. But it is common knowledge, for those who know, that one can see these fish people in Kyrgyzstan. In order to do so, one must ask the village locals to lead them to Pamplemousse, the highest volcano in the area. The Fish People in 1908, were flooded with molten lava which eventually led them all the way to Mount Pamplemousse which remains an active volcano even today.

These fish people survive by eating rusted iron from stranded submarines in the Marachino Cherry Sea, giving the iron an exquisite sweet taste. Their feces cleanse the iron allowing them to construct new submarines which they can sell to Canada's navy which usually buys second hand submarines from Russia. This business has allowed the fish people to construct a lucrative enterprise and maintain a high standard of living.

Unfortunately, since 1990, the fish people have been inscribed on the endangered species list because of their golden scales which hunters sell on the black market. It is therefore mandatory to raise people's awareness on this matter so that together we can bring an end to this genocide and allow for the fish people to regain their original quality of life not having to worry about outside attacks by ferocious whales and hunters.

Source: Fish in Black (FIB)